"I am very particular about my hair and always found it hard to find a decent hairdresser, but at Tony's Hair and Skincare I am confident enough to go in and ask my hair stylist to do whatever she likes and she always exceeds my expectations. I walk away feeling extremely happy, as well as gorgeous, every time! My hair is always cut and coloured not only to suit my appearance and lifestyle, but also kept with the latest trends. Each style I have had always receives compliments from random people, which makes me feel quite special. Training is ongoing within the salon so I know the stylists are confident, qualified and up to date with all the latest skills, which is fantastic in an ever changing industry. All the staff at Tony's are very professional, very friendly, and very accommodating, creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. I have complete trust with each of the stylists and would recommend their services to all."

Miriam Taylor  34 Albany


"I've been a customer of Tony's Hair and Skin Care since 2009. The relationship that has built over these years is partly why I'll travel for a haircut once a month... based in Perth, that's a fair distance! My confidence is at it's peak when I know my hair has been cut and styled by Tony's. I extend this to my own business and ensure that every photoshoot we snap, Tony's is there for our lads - not only for their hair, but also an awesome Tan! Tony's Hair and Skin Care on York Street is undoubtedly the best salon in Western Australia."

Brett Muller 25 Perth


“Getting your hair done can be a stressful time, but lucky for me I have never had to worry about this as I place a lot of trust in the hairdresser at Tony’s Hair and Skincare. During the whole time I have been going to Tony’s, approximately 5 years, I have never had a bad experience, whether it be a haircut, colour, styling or waxing. The staff are always friendly and they understand the current trends, my appointments are booked quickly and with ease. The salon is extremely comfortable and inviting. I do not hesitate in recommending Tony’s to any of my friends or family.”

Suzie Mier 19 Albany